Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I'll keep this post short and sweet today. 
I wanted to wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving. There's always something to be thankful for, not just today but every day. Life is short so we should cherish every day and let the petty things roll off our backs. Enjoy each day as if it was our last because tomorrow is not a guarantee. The older I've gotten, I've learned to appreciate every bit of life because it goes by fast. 
What are you guys thankful for?

5 things i'm thankful for:
-God, for lighting my path everyday
-my health
-my amazing husband
-my family and friends 
-my amazing PK readers for allowing to share something I love

I'll be spending the day with my family today just eating, drinking and laughing, and cherishing every moment. 
How are you guys spending today?

Outfit Details:

Jacket: Charlotte Russe (here) || Scarf: Forever21 || Skirt: Forever21 (here) || Boots: Mandee

Hope you guys stuff your faces because I know I will lol. 
Have a great Thanksgiving! Gobble Gobble.

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