Shoe - Grams

Happy hump-day!!
It's been a while since I've delivered a shoe-gram to you guys!

(Top Left) - These green babies are from Charlotte Russe. They were a bridal shower gift from a couple of months ago. I need to wear them asap! It's the perfect color for the summer.

(Bottom Left) - I think I will have these pink pumps until death do us part. They are one of my favorite summer pumps that I've had for a while. I, also, love them because they were only $7! These are from Mandee

(Middle Top) - These are actually my mom's shoes that she bought at Forever21. Me and my mom have the same taste but unfortunately not the same size. lol I love the color and style of these beauties. 

(Middle Bottom) - These are one of my holy grails. I swear these were made with love by the Shoe Gods. I purchased these from Lolashoetique the minute I saw them. They make me feel tall and sexy. 

(Top Right) - It's all about glitz and glam with these. These were another bridal shower gift; they are Marc Fisher sling backs. I actually wore these for my bachelorette party. 

(Bottom Right) - Another beautiful bridal shower gift were these cute black wedges. They are from Charlotte Russe

(Top Left) - These sandals have been my go-to summer sandals. They are comfy and seem to match with everything. These are, also, from Charlotte Russe.

(Top Middle) - Why wouldn't I have a shoe wine holder?! This is the cutest thing ever.

(Top Right) - Cute sandals and sandy toes in Antigua! I'm currently obsessing over bows so when I saw these in pink, I had to get them and pack them with me on my honeymoon. They are from Mandee.

(Bottom Left) - I was in the process of cleaning my Kloset and I realized I have lots of bright colored pumps. 

(Bottom Right) - I had to regram these from MakeMeChic because they were just too hot not to. They are still on my shoes to buy list. 

Thanks for stopping by and remember that if the shoe fits buy it in every color!


Patty's Kloset