Bridal Shower Fun

Happy humpday guys!
Sorry that I've been a little MIA on the blog but I've been crazy sick. It sucks that my cold started this past weekend while I had my bridal shower, but I managed to make it through the day and have fun. 
I wanted to share with you guys what I wore and few fun pics from the event.

Dress - Forever21 (found on the sales rack for $11.98!)
Earrings - Wet Seal 
Shoes - Cicihot 

The theme color was black and pink. These yummy sweets were made my my lovely grandma. From shoe chocolates to cookies and cupcakes they were all so delicious. 

Oh hey, just sitting on my shoe throne. lol I love this big shoe chair. It was a gift from my mom. I love that you can open it up and store stuff inside. Great idea to store my summer sandals in there. 
If you're wondering what happened to my white shoes I had on, boy where those uncomfortable. I brought a change of shoes just in case. These cute brown buckle babies are from Charlotte Russe, and they can be found here

We had a raffle going around for a chance to win a DSW gift card and all proceeds went to my "shoe fund" lol. I knew all those shoe-a-holic cards from Lolashoetique would come in handy one day. 

I'm very grateful for everyones gifts. Here are some of the shoe goodies I got. I'm so in love with all the gifts. People really know my style!

Hope you guys enjoyed this fun post. I'm surprised how well I managed to stand the whole night although I was sick. lol I hope I can shake this cold off asap so I can get a ootd up on the blog this weekend. 


Patty's Kloset 


  1. Congrats on your bridal shower. Love your dress I think I prefer it with the brown sandals. Get well soon girl.

    1. thanks! those white shoes were like knives on feet when walking lol

  2. Shoes!!!! LUCKY!!!! I got a bunch of penis pops! LOL!!!!! You looked beautiful and that dress looks amazing on you!


    1. lmao!!! ahaha I seriously laughed outloud! too funny.... Thanks !! xo