Shoe- Grams

Hi everyone!
It's time for my occasional shoe grams! If the shoe fits, buy two pairs right? lol

(Left) -These awesome babies are from UrbangOG. They just scream spring, right? I'm really loving the mesh and floral mix. It's different and very chic. Those babies need to find their way to my Kloset soon for Spring. 

(Right) - These simple red pumps are from MakeMeChic. I feel like I needed a new pair of classic red pumps, and for $22 they were absolutely perfect. I love this sites' shoes because they have an awesome selection of shoes for a affordable prices.

(Left) - My hubby surprised me with these red shoes from Forever21, along with this red dress. I love surprises, especially when they involve shoes lol. I will be packing this outfit for my honeymoon;  this makes a great night time dinner outfit. 

(Right) - These babies are from MakeMeChic. I wasn't kidding when I said they have awesome shoes lol. These are one of my favorites. Ladies, they are so chic and elegant. I wore these on my Printed Blazer post. 

(Left) - These were a gift from my cousin for Christmas. This past Christmas was the first time my familia did a secret santa and she got me. Of course she knew what to get me. lol These cute heels are from Kohls . Also, check out her new blog if you need all types of hair and nails advice. 

(Right) - These silver pumps are from Forever21. There's a funny story behind how I got these shoes. They were in the front of the store on sale for $15 and they only had a few selected sizes left. I was super excited because I had been looking for the right silver pumps. I checked and even had my hubby check for my size. I was very disappointed that they didn't have my size. I notice there was one more pair; they were under the display table and it was not easy to grab. I put my MacGyver skills to the test; I grabbed a hanger and got my hand under the table and was able to get them. Sure enough they were my size. lol What's the craziest thing you've done for shoes? Please leave a comment below so I don't feel to crazy about my story.

(Left) - These awesome wedges are a recent purchase from DebShops. I can't wait for Spring; they are so bright! I love them! Wedges are comfy and perfect to dress up for good weather. (countdown to Spring!)

(Right) - These neon babies are from Charlotte Russe. Can't go wrong with some neon color in your Kloset. It will bring your outfit to life with a bold pop!

Thanks all for tuning in to my Shoe Grams! Until the next one everybody! Remember:  life's too short so just buy the damn shoe. :)


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  1. OMG I have the floral shoes with the mesh! Great bloggers think alike

    1. Ahhhh! Those are so awesome I have to buy them for the spring !

    2. Yaaas girl! they look sexy and delicate at the same time