Red Accents

Happy Monday!
One day closer to Spring, and we had a nice weekend weather wise. 
This outfit was the perfect Sunday brunch outfit. 

I love simple outfits; I, also, love adding simple accents to bring the outfit to life. I paired my chambray top, which I've worn a million times in so many different ways, with a pair of distressed denim. I think by now we know my distressed denim obsession lol. I love these because they are high waisted. I don't have many high waisted jeans but I fell in love with these and they are a perfect start to spring.To bring the outfit to life, I added red accents. I originally wanted to pair this outfit with neon pink accents because the nice weather had me feeling spring ready but I've been on a hunt to find a neon pink belt. I've been very unsuccessful. Nevertheless, the bold red worked very well. It meshed so well with the red lippie. I got this one from Mac (Ruby Woo) and it's one of my brightest reds now. I just love it; it's really the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. 
It was a little chilly so I added my houndstooth print coat. Little by little we are shedding the layers and it was nice to leave the scarf behind.

Jeans - Easy Pickins
Chambray + Clutch  - Forever21
Shoes - MakeMeChic
Coat - Joyce Leslie

Have a great day and thanks for reading loves!!


Patty's Kloset