I Survived Black Friday 2013

Hi Everyone!

I wanted to share my version of  "I survived Black Friday 2013" with you guys. I told myself I wasn't going to go shopping for clothes this year, and that all I wanted was to buy a Canon digital camera I had my eye on at Best Buy. I really needed a camera since I started my blog and they had a good sale on the camera that I wanted. After I got home from enjoying Thanksgiving with my family, me and my fiance made a spur of the moment decision on taking advantage of some sales and go shopping, since we were waking up early for the camera anyway. 

I have to say I didn't really go with a plan of attack but I knew what stores I really wanted to go to; H&M and Forever 21. I knew for sure H&M was going to have a really good sale since they had been advertising it all week. I knew that was going to be my first stop. 

H&M was the most chaotic store we went to. There was no type of order going in; once those gates opened, I felt like in the beginning of the Hunger Games when the gun shot is fired and you kind of need to run for your life. lol 
Once we went in I had no idea where to go. It was just crazy, so I started grabbing pieces that I liked and that were on sale and shoving them in my shopping bag. Fashion Tip of the day: when shopping under pressure and/or in big crowds don't over think an purchase. When you see it, grab it and later on when your done you can sort through what you got and use process of elimination before heading to the registers. 
I ended up doing good; I got a blazer for $7, purse for $14, blouse for $9, and these cute pinned striped trousers for $14. My fiance came out with good stuff too; he got about 7 items for $40. H&M was absolutely worth waking up early for. 

Next up was Forever 21. I was surprised I didn't come out with more stuff but I was very happy with what I got. I love this emerald green knee length skirt for $6. Such a good color for the holidays. I, also, got a cute plaid skater skirt for $10. And last but certainly not least, I got a pink gem necklace. I fell in love with the necklace the minute I saw it. It can surely brighten up a casual outfit. The rush wasn't so crazy in Forever 21 but the line was pretty long!

One of the last stores I purchased from was Love Culture. They had a pretty good sale going on as well. Any purchase over 20$ you got a free scarf to choose from. I got this Winter floppy hat in a beautiful burnt orange color for the Fall/Winter. It was marked down to $12.99, but by the time I got to the register it ended up being $7.99. I, also, got a pink plaid shirt. Plaid is really a big trend now, and has been for the last couple of years. I can not wait to piece these outfits together! Lastly, I got a color block/mesh bodycon dress. I got it from the sales section, which had a additional 20% off the sale price, so the final price was $12.99. I couldn't believe it! I love the dress and I will be so excited wearing this cute bargain of a dress for my birthday! (Hello to all my Sagittariuses!) 

In conclusion  I SURVIVED BLACK FRIDAY 2013!! lol I think the sales were worth me waking up early for. I, also, did a little more shopping online. There are always good deals on line as well for those that don't deal well with crowds. Mission complete, I survived. 
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